Monday, 2 March 2015

February into March

We spent Thursday at Peggy's in Milton Keynes, along with two other families.  Fred had an absolute blast, as he was with several other boys who like gaming.  All I could hear was laughter coming from the living room!

Betsy and Meg played with the awesome shop again, and Minecraft lego, and Minecraft on the tablets.

When we got back, Betsy and Meg got out the paper dolls.  They coloured in some more clothes, and did a show for Rob and I.

On Friday we had a morning at home, and then met Angela and her kids at Wendover Woods.

It was a beautiful afternoon.  Spring was most definitely in the air.  I wanted to pick a tree for the Track A Tree survery.  We then check the tree every week or so, and then upload information about budburst and leafburst.

Apart from that the kids just enjoyed being in the woods with their friends.

Our tree:

Yesterday my parents came over.  My step dad did some fishing with Fred while mum and I went to see Shaun the Sheep with Betsy and Meg.  It was great!  

Later Fred and I walked to Argos and bought a headset for the PS3.  It works!  He is so happy. He can finally talk to his friends that he plays GTA5 and Minecraft with.  It's amazing how much he's getting out of it.

Today - Monday again.  The kids were overdue a haircut so that was the job of the day.  For the second time, I left Fred in the barbers with money, and asked him to come and find us at Supercuts (two shops down the road).  He then didn't want to wait while the girls had their hair cut (it takes ages, so much longer than boy's hair), so I gave him the key and he went home alone.  He phoned me when he got back so I knew he was ok.  Amazing!  Growing independence.  

New hair:

Betsy decided to make a parachute for an origami penguin (she got me to make the penguin).  She drew such a lovely picture on the parachute, and it floats really well.

Then she made boat from some recycling, and had a bath to test how it floated.  

Meanwhile, Meg went to bed for a nap.  Very unusual.  I hope she's not coming down with anything....

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