Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Butterfly World

We went on a home ed trip to Butterfly World today.  We came here two years ago and a couple of years before that.  This is the first time we've been so early in the season, and I would say it's worth waiting for the summer.  The gardens, while still lovely, are much more beautiful when in flower.

There were lots of families that we knew there, including some good friends.  We walked (grown ups) and ran (kids) around the gardens.  I really love the gardens.

Then we headed to the playground.  It's a good one - big sand pits, a decent slide, and an excellent climbing frame.  We spent most of our time here.  

Betsy, Meg and I went to the workshop (Fred was happily occupied with friends).  It was quite disappointing.  It was quite dry and schooly - answering questions about the rainforest.  No insect handling like the last time we visited.  After looking at some of the minibeasts we headed back to the playground.

Fred had built a structure in the sand, and was carefully adding sticks to the front.  It was impressive.

The kids took it in turns to do the long jump into it.

After some more climbing we went to see the leaf cutter ants.  It's a great set up - a long length of rope goes from a tree to the nest, twisting and turning along the way.

Another, smaller colony on the other side of the room was taking blossom petals.  We even saw one ant carrying an entire flower!

Finally we went to the butterfly tunnel.  Fred and I wondered how Betsy would like it, as in the past she has been a bit scared of butterflies landing on her.  She was fine, but Fred got really worried.  He didn't stay in long, and was convinced one had flown into his pocket (it hadn't, I checked).

While we were still inside, we were lucky enough to see an atlas moth.  It had recently hatched, and they only live for about 5 days.

On the way home we saw an unusual cloud.  It looked a bit like a funnel, like it was being sucked up  y the ground. Fred took a photo of it.

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