Monday, 23 March 2015

Growing things

We spent some time in the garden today.  Betsy brought a stick (her staff) back from Rushmere, and wanted to paint it.  Rob did a base coat for her yesterday, so it was ready for some bright colours today.

Meg and I planted the GYOP potatoes.

Betsy planted the rest of the sunflowers.  We're having a sunflower race, so I've named the pots. There are a couple of spares too, in case someone's doesn't grow or gets eaten by snails (grr).

Betsy helped me with a pumpkin experiment.  I saw the idea on a blog and wanted to try it with one of the Jack be Little pumpkins we grew on the allotment last year.  I cut the top off, scooped out some of the insides to make a little space, and Betsy filled it with compost.  Hopefully some of the seeds will germinate before the pumpkin rots!

I also planted some leek seeds for allotment, and some sungold tomato seeds to grow in the garden.

In between painting and planting, the girls bounced.

Meg and I set up a bean in a jar.  Meg (and later Betsy) played with the playdough.  Betsy worked on one of her Minecraft worlds. 

Fred is very happy today.  He sold a couple of Wii Lego games this morning and bought two PS3 games.

I'm happy, as Rob cut my hair with the clippers yesterday.  It's super-short!  With me not working, it's important for us to  minimise our outgoings.  I used to go to Toni and Guy, and pay £50 every 3 months.  Not any more - Rob is my stylist now!

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  1. Some great ideas there, I must do the bean jar with my little ones. Love to hear how the pumpkin goes too.