Friday, 6 March 2015


We went to a brand new local home ed group yesterday.  Quite a few families turned up, lots of them with young (preschool age) children.  It was odd to be in a setting like that, as a family of 'older' home edders.  I was always the mum with the young school-aged child, the toddler, the baby.  I felt a real recognition of where we're at now, of how different things are.

Betsy and Meg really enjoyed it.  They spent ages creating a world with the duplo, and we made some loom band bracelets.  Fred helped out by building a castle for the younger ones to play with.

Fred then was a bit bored.  There were 3 or 4 other older boys there, so I suggested he hang out with them and see how he got on.  He did, and had an ok time.  

Laura, Moss and Fable were due at ours so we left the group a bit early to make sure we were home in time.  It was lovely to have them stay.

Fred, Moss and I played Cluedo.  Later Fred and Moss took the nerf guns outside and played with Will.  Everyone did Minecraft at some point!

Today was Mohawk - on the agenda was archery, decorating jars for tealights, electronics, singing (mostly the mums, but it attracted lots of the kids to come over and listen to us singing Simon and Garfunkel), softplay, fun.  And all in the sunshine.

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