Friday, 27 March 2015

Pre-holiday catch up

A quick catch up before I take the kids away for a few days tomorrow. 

We had a morning at home on Wednesday, and went to a local home educating family's house in the afternoon.  They have a really lovely garden, and a house perfect for playing hide and seek!

Fred spent quite a while practising somersaults.

On Thursday Amanda, Caden and Miles came over.  Amanda brought cakes, which Meg enjoyed!  We played Shopping List (an Orchard Toys game), and with the Playmobil.

Later Betsy and Meg did some colouring (this involved playing a Dora game online, and winning a colouring sheet to print off), and got out the Happyland toys to go along with the Playmobil.

Fred played with his online PlayStation friends - they cycle between Minecraft, Call of Duty and a couple of other games.  There's a lot of negotiation happening during gameplay.  I can hear Fred introducing one friend to another, encouraging them not to kill each other/destroy their stuff.  It's fascinating.

Today we went to Billy's.  There was gaming, joking, trampolining, and guinea pig handling! Billy and Dallas are taking care of two guinea pigs while their owner is on holiday.  They're gorgeous.

I finished some socks last night.  They are happy socks.

Me and the kids are off on an adventure tomorrow - we're going to look after a friend's kitten. On a boat!  We're very excited.  It's a beautiful dutch barge in Keynsham (near Bristol).  Looking forward to it, though sad to leave Rob behind.

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