Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Big Bang

We went to the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham.  Rob took the day off work and came too.

I think we were all quite overwhelmed when we first walked in.  The place was packed, and noisy!  After a while we found our groove, and spent most of the time towards the back of the hall.

Fred and Betsy did a polymer challenge, building a model of a diamond polymer.  They were timed, and if they were fast enough they went on to the leader board.  All the other kids were in the 11+ category, so Fred and Betsy topped the leader board!

The kids made hard, light sticks out of newspaper.  They rolled up 5 sheets of paper, glued the edge, and then rolled it in a hand-operated machine.

Fred and Betsy really liked the micro drones.  Fred really wants one for his birthday.  They showed us how they worked, and then had a battle.

Betsy, Meg and I went over to an architecture activity.  They were making tetrahedrons with wooden sticks and elastic bands.  Betsy and I made a flat triangle, and it was added to this fantastic structure:

Then we made a tetrahedron with some smaller sticks.  She was disappointed that we couldn't take it home, so I think we'll get some dowling and do some here one day.

We made some paper aeroplanes.  Betsy and Meg put a giant eye on their heads (it was a pinhole camera!).

Meanwhile, Fred and Rob were at the Viking area, making butter and bread and guessing animal skins.

We saw some people from the Bloodhound SSC team, who are building a car for the land speed record event later in the year.  Today they were racing small cars powered by compressed air.

The kids had seen enough by now.  We'd been there for 3 hours, and I'd anticipated that's how long they would want to stay.

There was lots and lots that we didn't see and do, but they'd enjoyed the things they'd experienced.  

At home a package was waiting for me - a set of 52 challenge cards from the Dyson Foundation.  Funny that they should arrive today - we're all about STEM!

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