Sunday, 11 March 2012

At the allotment

We popped to the allotment this morning.  It was a beautiful warm spring day, no coats required!  The strawberry patch is looking healthy, weeds are beginning to sprout up where Rob dug the ground over a couple of weekends ago - it's time to plant.  We've decided to keep it simple this year, as it's so difficult to keep on top of it.  Our crop list is:
potatoes (earlies and maincrop), red onions, carrots, leeks, sweetcorn, chard and spinach, beetroot, squash and pumpkin, and courgettes.

The kids were up for the visit (this isn't always the case!).  Freddie and Betsy did some digging, while Meg dismantled some canes and tin cans.

The daffodils were coming up.  Freddie cut them with the secateurs, and brought them home to put in a vase on the table.
Rob and I had the last of the leeks for lunch - creamy leeks and mushrooms on toast.  Yum!


  1. Oh I'm jealous. We have a south facing garden/yard so could easily get something going but I'm incredibly rubbish at gardening. Sorting the back yard out has been on my to-do list since we moved in but I was heavily pregnant with Theakston, then went back to work and had him to watch, then got pregnant with Nyah, and now it's difficult to do anything with her in the carrier as she gets bored and you can't put her down anywhere either. Excuses excuses! Maybe I'll have to get hubby to wear her indoors while he does stuff one weekend while I tackle the outside. I look forward to seeing what you yield!

  2. It is hard to do it with the kids - after quite a short period of time one of them usually wants to go home! I'm hoping it will be a little easier this year, with them being a bit older.