Monday, 5 March 2012

Mazes, magic and makings

According to our calendar it's spring, thank goodness.  It did snow a bit yesterday and was blowing a gale today though.

Yesterday evening I made Freddie and Betsy a maze book each, using some lovely free mazes from and a simple maze generator program.  We had a lull this afternoon so I got them out, and they both really liked their books.

They were both also diverted by a couple of bits I picked up from The Works yesterday - a joke set and a magic set.  Four things in each for £1.49, what a bargain!
They loved me pretending to be scared of the spiders, or being disgusted at finding poo on the carpet.  Freddie did the 'find the aces' card trick with Rob this evening.

I've been doing a few crafty things.  I made a jam jar jacket, upcycling a jar into a flower vase for a friend's birthday.  I used the tute on attic24.
I wet felted two rocks, and invited the kids to help.  They didn't want to, but Betsy sat next to do and did some drawing and we passed an enjoyable half an hour chatting while we worked.  The rocks turned out great, and make excellent dinosaur eggs.

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