Saturday, 24 March 2012


It's been very warm and sunny over the last few days.  We've had some friends over, boys Freddie's age, and they've played lots of elaborate dressing up/imaginative games together.
We've been to the playground a couple of times.
Today we did allotmenty things.  Rob spent a couple of hours there, planting the potatoes and doing some tidying.  At home, Betsy and I cleared out the mini greenhouse.  This is what it looked like before:
And here it is after, with trays of planted seeds:
We planted tomatoes, sweetcorn, dwarf French beans and geraniums.
The kids have been playing outside a lot, throwing water over each other.  Meg has missed her nap a couple of times as we've been out.  When I was making lunch today, this happened....
She slept for 2 hours, surrounded by noise and games and the TV!

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