Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Old friends, new woods

Bleugh, another bad night with Meg.  I started the day looking up the price of a night in the local Holiday Inn.  An undisturbed night's sleep is my holy grail!  Maybe one day...
Things looked up at breakfast time.  It's Ice cream for Breakfast Day today.  
Here's Freddie's:
Betsy and Meg both had a Mini Milk.
And me?  Of course I did!

In other news, our home ed co-op met up in some lovely woodland today.  I haven't been there with the kids before, though my family used to visit with a picnic and ball games when I was little.
We saw a horse and trap? cart? carriage? Not sure of the difference between those those things.
The cafe and the toilet block had grass roofs.  Cool!

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  1. Looks like a fab little place. And to me, that is a trap. But a trap is a type of horse-drawn carriage, the "carriage" is the umbrella of vehicles and then there are random different ones under that I think. > Loser alert <