Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A natural playground at the chalk pit

It was the home ed co-op  this afternoon.  We've planned to do ancient peoples this month but no one has much enthusiasm for it.  Instead, today we walked down to the disused chalk quarry that's close by to the village hall.
There is a stony lane that leads down the hill.  
Meg was very interested in the aeroplanes flying overhead.
The kids headed for the chalk mountain first.  It was difficult to climb up!
Then they went up the very steep and muddy hill.  They found a foxes den (and fox poo) at the top.  There's also a chalk cave that provided a useful little den.  The slope was an excellent slide.
Betsy made a seesaw (really, by herself!) with a plank and a log.
Meg enjoyed playing on it too.
We saw a nest, some very pretty blossom, and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine.
We treked back up the hill, and across the common to the car.  Freddie shushed us, and pointed out the sound of a woodpecker.  A lovely end to the afternoon.

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