Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Catching up with myself

It's been a busy few days.  We went to Granny and Grandad's for the weekend.
Betsy took her amazing families (aka Sylvanian Families!) and played with anyone who sat still long enough.  Granny, Grandad, Sara and Steve all got to play at various points over the weekend, and Betsy was very happy.
Freddie took the Wii so was mostly found on the sofa.  He did have the odd break for cricket in the garden, or a game of Subbuteo with Rob.  As usual, it was Freddie rules with the set up on the pitch...
Betsy and her auntie were cooking up secret Mothers Day plans on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  The result was a homemade arctic roll and Mothers Day flag!  So sweet, and delicious.
We got back on Sunday evening, and Meg has been under the weather since then.  
Monday the sun was out, and Meg was miserable.   I took the executive decision to wrap her on my back and go for a short walk.  It was absolutely the best thing to do.  We were only out for an hour, but we saw lots of things and all enjoyed the sun on our faces.
We walked the tow path to the supermarket.   Freddie pointed out the reflections on the wall of the bridge.
Meg was interested in the birds flying overhead.
We saw half a dozen ducks flying along the canal.
Two contractors were measuring the depth of the canal, to see if the water needed more dredging.  One of them told us that a few locks up, a 300 metre pound has lost all water and is completely dry.  I think we'll go and find it one day soon, it sounds too interesting to miss.
The kids threw sticks into the lock, and over to the bank on the other side.  There was a duck in the lock today, way down at the bottom.
The next bit of tow path was full of sticky muddy puddles.  
When we got home, the kids decided to wash their scooters.  They found a couple of sponges and a bucket of water, and did a great job!
Meg seemed to be feeling rough after we got home, and went to bed before lunch.  Betsy wanted to decorate a cake so we did that after we'd eaten.  She helped make the buttercream icing, spread it on the cake, and add the decorations.  It was fun, and she was so pleased with the result.
The day went quite badly after this.  Meg was very unhappy, and Freddie and Betsy were bored.  I was pinned to the sofa with a lethargic baby.  Rubbish afternoon.
Today has been nearly as challenging.  Meg is feeling better but I'm suffereing from the effects of very disturbed sleep for the last 4 nights.  I'm a bit loopy, actually, and out of patience. 
I did help Betsy to make some spring flowers, but that is the high point.  
 So, dinner and CSI.  Then  hopefully some sleep tonight zzzzzzzzzz........


  1. Hope you get some sleep and Meg is feeling better. x

  2. I know those days - on the plus side my trio only seem to remember the high points!

    Sleep cures all I reckon