Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Unschooling in the woods

We went to an unschooling meet up today, our first one.  It was at the woods at Bracknell, where there is an excellent playground and a very hands on science centre.
The kids loved the playground, which was divided into 3 big areas.  There was much swinging, climbing and king-of-the-castling.
We met some new people.  We'd all come from far and wide, most from much further south or west than us, but it was lovely to see some new faces and make contact with other families.
After lunch we went into the science centre.  It's fantastic.  There is a big water play area, where you can see how canal locks work, how water flow can move heavy objects, and just generally play and get really really wet!
Freddie played around with a cool exhibit.  It's a huge cylinder of water, and when you turn the wheel it creates a water funnel that can get bigger and smaller.
I took a photo of Freddie through this water tower, I like the effect it had.
The main bit of the science centre had loads to do.  A ball floating on a air stream, a hot air balloon that we heated the air up for (to 70 or 80 degrees), a big keyboard, a bubble making pump and a whole bunch of other bits and bobs.
The kids really enjoyed the day.  The journey home was good too - Freddie played games on my phone (and won at Uno and back gammon yay!), while Betsy and I sang along to her Silly Songs tape.  After listening to it countless times she knows lots of the lyrics.

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