Thursday, 15 March 2012

Some firsts of the year

We had another day outside in the sunshine.  It was a beautiful, warm spring day, and we went for a lakeside walk with my mum and her dog.
We fed the swans, who were very hungry.  Betsy is very cautious around swans and geese, while Meg went right up to them.  She's fearless at the moment!
We walked further round the lake, where there is a fallen tree.  It's perfect for climbing,and for watching the geese swimming nearby.
We had our first picnic of the year.  It was lovely although a cup of tea would have made it even better.  I'll remember the flask next time!
We left mum to walk with the dog, and crossed the bridge over the river to the playground.
The playground is great - large, lots to do - but actually pretty hard to manage as one adult with 3 children of different ages.   More than once one of the kids was rescued (from a wasp) or helped (on a climbing frame or a slide) while I was busy with one of the others.  After about 45 minutes I phoned mum and asked her to come back so we could move on to the cafe!
We had tea and brownies at the cafe.  The kids found a jetty to sit on with long sticks for fishing.
They came over with a daisy each they'd picked for me.  A very happy moment!
First daisies, first picnic, first day of the year for T shirts.  Woop!

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  1. Aww bless them picking flowers for you, looks like everyone had a fabulous time (and yum, brownies!)