Thursday, 6 September 2012

A different scale

Today, in a parallel universe, Betsy would have started reception and Freddie would have started in junior school.  Instead, Mum, the kids and I went to Beconscot Model Village.  
It was warm and sunny.  We went on the train first.

Meg was fascinated by the doors on the little houses, and the trains of course.  Freddie and Betsy raced ahead, caught us up and went round ahead of us again.

We had a picnic, and played in the playground.  They have a new attraction where you fire water at piratey things.  Freddie and Betsy loved this.

We went around the model village again, the girls with me, and Freddie with mum.  We saw great big fish in the lake.
Mum came back with us, she's babysitting tonight.  Rob and I are going out for dinner. Happy days!

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  1. What a very lovely first day of homeschool term you had.
    fantastic pics