Monday, 24 September 2012

Making leaves

Ill health has continued here over the weekend, with a D and V bug.  Oh joy.  Freddie was still under the weather today, so that plus heavy rain kept us in the house.
I've been pinning lots of autumn crafts, so suggested some to Betsy.  We started off by making a leaf window decoration from laminated tissue paper.  There are a few lovely looking stain glass-type decorations on pinterest like this one, but I don't have any crayons in the house (how is that possible?!).  So I asked Betsy to tear up some tissue paper and we arranged it in a laminator pouch.
Betsy drew a leaf shape on an A4 piece of brown card.  I used a craft knife to cut around it and cut the centre out to make a frame.
We put double sided tape on one side of the frame, and stuck it on the laminated tissue paper.
I cut around it, and Betsy stuck it on the window.  It looks gorgeous!
Next, Betsy made a tree with tissue paper leaves, inspired by this blog post.  I drew the tree, we both coloured it in, and she scrunched up the tissue paper and stuck it on.
Freddie roused himself from the sofa and came and joined us.  I cut his out of brown paper (that I hadn't been able to lay my hands on for Betsy's).
Another craft I pinned was leaf pictures using oil pastels.  Freddie liked the look of them, so we found some leaf templates via google. 
Once he'd drawn around them, I rubbed the oil pastels to blur the colour (Freddie didn't want to do it).  Then we peeled the leaves off the paper.  I love how this looks.
Then we got the paints and leaf sponges out.  We have some lovely autumnal paints in copper, orange, gold and brown.

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