Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Anyone for fishing?

Betsy really wanted to make fishing rods on Monday, but it rained so much we didn't get out.  We managed it yesterday though, in between heavy showers.
The kids hunted for suitable sticks along the tow path, and I brought along a ball of string, a pair of scissors and some paperclips.
They were disappointed not to catch anything.  I'm hoping my step dad can come over one weekend soon with his fishing gear.  With the canal just outside the house the kids could come and go without feeling they have to be there all the time.  And I could take Grandpa a cup of tea!
Later, Betsy and I found ourselves with some unexpected time alone.  Freddie went to see his friend 2 doors down, and Meg fell asleep on the sofa.  We used our time well, and Betsy made some very cool peg dolls.
Aren't they fab?  She did a sand art butterfly picture too, and really enjoyed it.  I'll get some more kits from Crafty Crocodiles, maybe a witch one for Halloween.

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