Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Floating away

Today was our first home ed group after the summer break.  Jeni led the session and did an opening ceremony - a coming together after the long summer.  I found it difficult to begin with as Freddie really doesn't like to do 'circle time' type activities and Betsy couldn't resist joining him in running around the hall.
After a while the session changed pace with a game of follow my leader.  I was relieved!
Jeni split the group into little teams - blue, red, green, purple - and set them to hunting for fruit of their colour that she'd hidden outside on the common.  The kids loved this!
The next activity to building little bridges across a bowl of water, using resources like tape, lolly sticks and paperclips.  Freddie and his friend Archie really seemed to enjoy this challenge.
The last activity was lovely.  Jeni asked us what our wishes were for the next year.  She wrote them down and stuck each one on a balloon.
Then we all took a balloon or two each, and released them into the sky.  Fantastic!

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