Sunday, 30 September 2012


Rob's parents live in a village in Stoke On Trent.  We haven't seen them much over the last few months, so they came down to visit on the train for the day.  The kids (especially Betsy and Meg) loved it.  They played lots of games, chatted and laughed.  A really wonderful day.
I made some brownies, oh my they were delicious.  The recipe is from a little book mum got me for Christmas and every one I've tried has been perfect.
Today more grandparents came, this time my parents.  My step dad brought his fishing gear - well, Freddie's gear.  He's given Freddie a fishing rod, and even a seat!  
They were out for about 2.5 hours and caught 3 fish.  Chris hooked them, Freddie was happy to watch.  He got a good look at the fish before releasing them back into the canal.
He rather liked the maggots!
Meanwhile, Betsy made Tower Bridge from bricks, and played a game with Nanny.

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