Wednesday, 12 September 2012


It was our home ed group today.  The theme was machines with levers.  Krissie, who led the session, provided loads and loads of activities.  It was very impressive!
The kids could make necklaces using nail clippers (chopping straws into beads), see if they could lift their friends using a wheelbarrow, think about the most useful machine with a lever (Freddie's was a toaster), test if something was easier to lift if the load is near or further away, and try out different catapults.  There was so much to do.
Afterwards, the kids did a talent show.  There were some very funny acts, lots of physical humour.
Betsy hadn't been keen on going today, but she enjoyed herself.  Freddie wanted to go, it's a big change from a couple of months ago.  He wants us to lead a session on dinosaurs.  We'd better get our thinking caps on.

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