Friday, 14 September 2012

In the woods

Our friend Zoe hosted her regular woodland afternoon today.  She has a fantastic set up.  The woods behind her house belong to a farmer, who is happy for her to use the land (so long as the trees are not damaged).  She's put up a shelter, and her dad made a brick fire pit.
Freddie got to indulge in some of his favourite activities - fire lighting and tending, digging in the ground, playing with friends.
I tried to make popcorn on the fire, making a parcel out of foil.  Big fail - the foil melted!  I think I'll go to google and see how to do it, and try next time.
We successfully cooked sausages on sticks and boiled water for tea, so the fire earned its keep.
Betsy and Meg played in the shelter, and the garden.  Betsy played a lot with Zoe's youngest, and loved the big game of hide and seek later when two more families arrived.
It was lovely, sitting around the fire chatting while the kids played.  

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