Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A nerfy, patterny, puppety, marbley playday.

We spent the day with Zoe and Billy at their house.  The kids were really looking forward to it.  We all had an excellent time.

Zoe got their marble run out.  It's much more freeform than the usual kind, and captivated everyone's attention for a while.
Next interesting item was a puppet theatre.  Billy and Meg gave us a funny show.
Freddie brought his nerf guns and we had a few nerf skirmishes in the garden.  The kids battalion had a big cardboard box as their HQ/shelter, the mums team had camping chairs.
After lunch, Betsy was annoyed that I hadn't brought pudding (fruit wasn't what she wanted) so Zoe, Betsy and Meg rustled up some fairy cakes.  Zoe has a food mixer, and the girls were  fascinated!
While Fred and Billy watched the Disney Robin Hood film, Betsy and Meg played with pattern blocks and drew pictures.  I brought along a game I found for £1 at a school fair called Rush Hour.  We played a few rounds of that too.  It's a great take-along game, I think I'll keep it in my bag for a while.
Zoe gave us her contribution the busy bag swap we did a while ago.  It's a felt pizza play set and Betsy *loves* it!  She spent ages making us pizzas and was delighted when she realised we could keep it.
It was a very busy, play-filled, happy day.

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