Thursday, 9 May 2013

Windy woods

We went up to Ashridge this afternoon, though we somehow missed the people we were meeting up with.  It was quite chilly, and very windy - a great contrast to our visit last week, when we were hot and with lots of other families!
Never mind.  We set off the find the pond, and ambled around the woods there.  The bluebells were coming out, though I suspect they'll be in full bloom by next week.
There were a few patches of fabulously squelchy mud.  Betsy got stuck a couple of times.  They all climbed a tree.  Betsy collected lots of woodland treasures and made stick arrows to show us the way back.  

Meg wanted to carry Betsy's bag and screamed for a while when Betsy said no.  Meg screaming is happening *a lot* at the moment.  Freddie and Betsy never really did the 'tantrum' thing, and I find it difficult to manage sometimes.

Apart from that - which didn't last too long - it was a lovely hour or so hanging out amongst the trees.


  1. Haha love the boots in the mud. Hope the screaming is getting less :( thank goodness it is just a phase eh! X

    1. It is getting less! Phew. Only a couple today, and short lived, thank goodness xxx