Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Probably the most fun you can have on a sunny day with £1...... a packet of water balloons!
I spent most of yesterday afternoon filling them up, while the kids chucked them on the little road and at each other.  

This afternoon we took some to the playground.
On the way we saw blossom petals on the canal like floating confetti, and a duck with 11 ducklings!  I don't envy her trying to keep them all safe.  Betsy ad Freddie picked dandelion clocks as we walked.

We haven't been to that playground in a while, what with one thing and another.  The big two each climbed their highest today.  Meg swung and span and slid.
Later, Freddie and I had a game of Jenga.  
Honourable mention must go to Betsy and the Moshi Monsters.  She spent ages with our friend Zoe (visiting with Billy and their dog) playing the cupcake game on the Moshi Monsters website.  Using the power of google they made the right cupcakes to attract all of the different moshlings, much to Betsy's great delight!

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