Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Making bugs

We went to the monthly nature reserve group this afternoon.  Our friends Jeni and Holly came with us.  Freddie and Betsy scored a ride in Jeni's red beetle!  It was a bit too chilly to drive there with the roof down, but Jeni gave them a spin around the car park.  Freddie had pressed the button to put the roof back on, which is why it's partially up in the photo.
We were in the yurt today, and were making pictures of bugs using twigs, leaves, flowers, bark chips etc.  Betsy made a ladybird

.Meg made a big pumpkin.  I love the randomness of young children!
Freddie wasn't interested in the activity, but he played with some other kids and seemed to be having lots of fun!  One of his friends found a mushroom, and they looked it up in a Collins Gem book.
Betsy enjoyed having Holly to play with.
Meg pretended to be a sleeping unicorn.
Betsy picked some beautiful tiny flowers.
Later, Freddie had martial arts.  He's still enjoying it.  Betsy has decided to stop Rainbows now, as she felt it disturbed her afternoon.

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