Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sunny social meet-ups

We've been on the go all day.  Up and out early to an informal meet-up at the Ikea cafe (via the little playground outside).
It's a very relaxed group.  Today the kids tried out the creche, and enjoyed it.  There is a Wii, and a ball pit, and lots of toys.  It meant I spent some time chatting with a cup of tea - lovely!
Afterwards, we headed off the the Ashridge Estate for another chilled out meet-up with a couple of other families.

It was warm and sunny.  We had a picnic (kind of - the kids ran, ate, ran, ate).
They loved the giant bubbles I brought along.
After lunch we had ice cream.  They'd been looking forward to going to the ice cream van for a week!  We always have ice cream available at home, but it's not the same.  Betsy loves Mr Whippy, Freddie loves Feasts.  No Feasts today, unfortunately.
Freddie collected a cache of stick weapons, including a dagger, a pistol, two grenades and a rifle.  He rolled a log to where we were sitting, to act as a weapons store.
Freddie and Betsy went tree climbing with the other kids, while Meg liked the log 'sofa' and running down a little hill.
Random fact of the day - we saw 4 trailer trucks today, the most we have ever seen on a non-motorway journey.

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