Friday, 3 May 2013

Twit twoo

Another busy day.  We went to Camp Mohawk for a lovely long day in the sunshine.  There was an owl theme - owl and other birds of prey to look at, owl pellet dissection, and I ran an owl craft.

It was the first time we've been where it has been warm, and the kids spent most of the time outside.  They played in the playground, the sensory/sound garden, the woods.  They spent a little time in the soft play room. I hardly saw Freddie!

Betsy and Meg stroked a young barn owl.
The owl craft was really cool.  I found the idea on pinterest (of course!).  Cardboard tube, feathers, googly eyes and a paper triangle - very simply and very cute.
I am now officially knackered!  Tonight I'm having fish and chips and not moving from the sofa.  It's been such a busy, happy week.

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