Monday, 6 May 2013

Lovely long weekend

I love bank holiday weekends.  Each day has had a different flavour.  Saturday was all about the kids along our row of houses, nerf guns, and the wagon.  Rob spent the day at the allotment, planting the baby vegetable plants that arrived this week.  I relaxed and the kids played in and out of the house.
On Sunday we went to mum's to celebrate my brother Tom's birthday.  

Today it's been water.  Rob got a new hose and a paddling pool, and the kids were in and out of it all afternoon.  Rob also set up the canal play set we've inherited from Jarvis, and Meg loved playing with it.  In between, Freddie had two baths and Betsy had a long shower.  Funny how days like that happen. 

Freddie asked to do some reading in the bath.  He likes Rob to write out sentences for him to read.  The references to knitting and me being cross is because he sprayed my knitting with the hose grrrr.

Betsy wore the skirt I made for her (yay!).   There was lots of bouncing on the trampoline, we had our first barbecue of the year, and I went to the allotment to water the new plants.

Tomorrow is forecast dry and sunny so I've kept the water in the paddling pool.  Later in the week it's meant to be cold again - half the temperature of today!  So we'll make the most of the weather while it lasts.

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