Wednesday, 1 April 2015

On the river

The kids and I are just back from 5 days on a Dutch barge, moored on the Avon at Keynsham. We've had a brilliant time.  We were boat- and kitten-sitting for friends.

I so love their boat.  They had it brought over from Holland and fitted it out.  It's a fab family home.

Olive the kitten is *gorgeous*.  I'm so glad we had the opportunity to spend time with her, as it meant the kids had a chance to see what it's like to be with a lively, confident, playful cat.  They know it's worth waiting for the right kitten for our family, rather than taking the first one that's offered.

We had some great days out.  We went to @Bristol, the science discovery centre.  I've wanted to take the kids there for ages.  There is absolutely loads to see and do.

Fred spent ages making a stop-motion animation.  I really hope this link to it works (click on 'my films' and press the play button).

Betsy and Meg did lots of tracing.

We watched a bubble science show, which ended with the man making hydrogen filled bubbles and setting fire to them.  Very dramatic!  He also did a dry ice/washing up liquid experiment that we have done at Zoe's before (and will be doing again tomorrow.  Love links like this).

Afterwards we stopped at Costa for a cuppa and a brownie.  Then I couldn't find the parking ticket, and had to pay for a full day.  £17.  Sob.

The next day we met my brother, his wife and their two boys at Tyntesfield, a NT property.  It's a beautiful, hilly estate with a solid (rather than pretty) house.  We did an Easter Egg trail, and saw lots of the grounds as we followed the trail map.

We were very lucky that it didn't rain as forecast, and even managed a windy picnic.

In the evening Betsy and Meg made some extremely cute Easter cards to send to family.

On Monday we met my brother and family again, this time at Windmill Hill City Farm.  They had a wood cutting/fire building activity session on. Fred enjoyed this, along with making and eating some campfire bread.  Betsy spent ages trying to climb up a net to the top of a play structure. She was upset that she couldn't quite make it.

Fred and I had a toasty at the cafe (I'd brought sandwiches for Betsy and Meg as they don't like toasties).  There was quite a wait as they were busy, and the kids kept busy looking at the animals and reading some books from the stack in the cafe.  

Betsy read this one and a Charlie and Lola book, and didn't need my help at all.  

Now we're home.  We arrived back to a welcoming committee in the toy room, and a tea party in the living room.

Rob had very sweetly sent us off with a box of treats - mini eggs for the kids, and treasures for me!

We're all so happy to see him!

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  1. Sounds like a great week. The boat looks huge inside and so cosy.