Monday, 27 April 2015

Bugs and birds

The last few days have been very relaxed.  On Friday we had a day at home, in pjs until lunchtime.

I printed off a minibeast puzzle booklet for Betsy, with word searches, mazes and other puzzles. She loved it!

Betsy and Meg made potions in the garden.  They spent some time with Catty the caterpillar. It's growing bigger, and it's easy to see how much it's eating (from the munched leaves and the caterpillar poo!).

More minibeasts on Saturday.  Rob helped Betsy and Meg to make a mini wormery (with worms from the allotment).

Fred, Betsy and I went to town.  On the way back we saw a pair of Canada geese, which is quite exciting as we haven't seen them at the canal before.  We watched a narrowboat sail under the bridge as we walked over it.  I love living next to the canal.

Yesterday we all went to Rushmere Country Park.  Lots of tree climbing, hide and seek, tag and piggy in the middle.

 Not sure how fair Rob was playing here!

I loved the new leaves we saw.  So pretty.

The kids had ice cream in the Tree Tops Cafe, overlooking the tree that the herons are nesting in.  The kids used the binoculars and had a good look.

Today has been another day at home.  Fred showed me some interesting videos on youtube.  I printed off some more puzzles for Betsy, and some easier ones for Meg.  

We've been watching the live video feed of the nesting peregrine falcons.  They are very close to our house!  I find it amazing that such rare and special birds are so local to us.

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