Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter weekend

What a fantastic hank holiday weekend we've had!

I made two dresses.

It was our 9th wedding anniversary, and we went out for a meal.  Here's Rob, enjoying his pudding!

Betsy and Meg have played game after game with various grown ups (me, Rob, my mum). Pop To The Shops, Tummy Ache, Bird Bingo, Top Trumps.

We had a big family lunch on Sunday.  I made slow roast lamb, boulangere potatoes, kale gratin.  Delicious.  

We played several rounds of the Yes No game, and were all nearly crying with laughter.  It was so funny.  Betsy proved to be a very strong competitor once she got the hang of it.

We met up with friends at Waddesdon.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day, and the place was absolutely heaving.  The kids played in the woodland playground, we had a picnic, went for a walk, and then queued up for Colourscape.

We're lucky enough to have been to Colourscape twice before - once on an education visit and when it visited Waddesdon last June.

I was so pleased that Rob had an opportunity to come this time, as we normally do this sort of thing in the week when he's working.

We queued for absolutely ages.  But it was sunny, and we chatted, and the kids wrestled and played.  And it was worth the wait.

Then we went for another walk, the kids rolled down the hill, and it was the end of the day.  Such a fab day, a great weekend.

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