Wednesday, 29 April 2015

In and out

After my last blog post, Betsy arrested Meg and put her into prison.  She had her dinner there, her Hudl, and plenty of cushions.  Betsy made a sign:

Yesterday we went to a home ed meet up in a nearby park.  It has a good playground, skate park, and a stream.  It was freezing - very windy - but the kids had a great time regardless.

They all went in the stream.  Fred built a dam, with some help from Betsy.   It will be great to come here in the summer when it's warm, it's a lovely spot.

The kids had a chilly picnic before heading into the playground.  There were quite a few families there.  They played with some of the other children and seemed have lots of fun.

When we got home they chilled on the sofa playing various games.  

Later, Betsy and Meg went to Jarvis's for a minecraft session.  I went to collect them at 8.20, and Meg really didn't want to come home.  She'd had such a good time playing with the 'big kids'!

Today we popped into the local arts centre to see my brother Tom's photographic exhibition.  It's called A Thousand Finish Lines, and is about pigeon racing.

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