Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Dog walking

We had a day at home yesterday, overshadowed by the demise of Jackie the green caterpillar.  Betsy was very upset, and any plans I had went out of the window.

Before the grisly discovery, Betsy and Fred had a long bouncing session, and Meg did a quick butterfly life cycle activity.

Today we went to my mum's for lunch.  We stopped at the allotment on the way, to pick some rhubarb for her.

Fred was delighted to find that Tom wasn't working today, and they spent a couple of hours playing lots of games on the xbox.  Fred really loves spending time with Tom.

The rest of us (mum, Betsy, Meg, me and Freda the dog) went for a walk in the nearby woods. Betsy and Meg took it in turns to hold the lead.

The bluebells are up,  but not fully open.  The beech trees have bright green new leaves. Beautiful.

We spotted some white bluebells, very pretty.

We stopped at the playground afterwards.

A lovely day!

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