Sunday, 19 April 2015

Caterpillar habitat

Rob found two caterpillars in the garden.  Betsy loves to look after little creatures - snails, ants etc - and made a temporary home for them.

As we have a butterfly hatching net, I suggested we look up how to make a proper caterpillar habitat so that we could keep them until they transform into butterflies (or moths).  Betsy was very enthusiastic about the idea!

I googled, and this website seemed very clear and sensible.

Betsy got some soil and sticks, and I picked some plants that we hope they'll eat (Rob found one on the ivy, and one near the rockery plants).  We'll check which plants get eaten, and replenish those ones.

She's named the green one Jackie, and the brown one Catty.  I hope we can nurture them into their final form.

There are some lovely flowering plants in the garden at the moment.

The tomato and leek seeds have germinated, and all of the sunflower seeds are growing well.

Yesterday I made skirts for Betsy and Meg.  I'm really pleased with them (and the girls are too!).

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