Monday, 20 April 2015

Thames Valley Adventure Playground

It's been a beautiful sunny day, and we spent it at a new activity day similar to Camp Mohawk.

Zoe has organised a monthly meet up at the Thames Valley Adventure Playground.  It's a large site, with absolutely loads of play equipment, interesting gardens, and loads to do indoors too.

The kids climbed, jumped, swung, span, splashed and played.  There were old friends, and some kids they hadn't met before.  All three loved the water cannons, I'll take swimmers with me next time.

We didn't even get to the crazy golf.  The go carts and bikes stayed in the shed, but I think we can have them out next time.

Inside there is a soft play room, a big dressing up area, play castles, trains, kitchen, plus a GP surgery!

Fred said it was the best home ed day out ever.  

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