Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Asking the big questions

It's Freddie's last day of being 5. He's been mulling over some big ideas. Here's a sample of today's conversations:

Why is the sky blue?
I reply I sort of know, but would like to look it up to make sure I'm telling him the right thing.

He says he knows. It's because there are aliens on the moon who can't breathe our air, it's poison to them. But they are nice aliens so they give us the air they can't have and make it blue.

There are bad robots on Mars, who want to do us harm. That's why people don't go to Mars.

Then, a bit later.....

Who makes seeds?
I say no one - nature does. I start up on flowers turning to seeds but he stops me to ask....

What do people make?
So we chat about the things people make.

Who makes people?
I'm about to start on eggs, thinking about what comes next, when he runs off!


Who looks after the world?
I say no one, misunderstanding the question. No, he says. Policemen do.

He's been thinking deeply today. It's fascinating listening to him make sense of the world.

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