Sunday, 12 June 2011


Thursday was Freddie's 6th birthday. We went to Bekonscot Model Village for the day.

He loves it there. We've been every year since he was one. The weather looked gloomy on the way there, and I was feeling pretty bleugh about the whole thing. For the 1st time on his birthday we weren't meeting up with anyone, it was just us, and I felt that I'd really let Freddie down by not arranging something with friends. Then it started to rain, and I was in a baaaaad mood.

When we arrived, the kids raced around the whole model village very quickly, barely stopping to look at anything. Well, this was making me feel even worse! We'd be out of there in a hour at this rate. To try and make the visit last longer I got the picnic out, and went to get myself a cup of tea.

Freddie came to find me - Betsy had not made it to the loo in time. I could have cried. I had no spare clothes for her. Freddie only had choclate buttons and Hula Hoops for lunch. I wished we'd never left the house. Gloom and doom!

But.......I worried over nothing. I lost my entire sense of perspective. Betsy's clothes soon dried. We had a ride on the narrow gauge railway. We drove the remote control boats. We went round the village 5 times. We played 'it' in the playground. We stayed for 5 hours. We had a lovely day (or we did once I got over myself).

So, our day in pics.

Freddie's favourite train (it was the fastest):

Morris dancers - just like Grandpa used to do!

The house on fire:

A day at the races, like Daddy had last week:

The canal lock:

Fun fair:

Meg loved it, and then fell asleep:

The big kids train-watching:


On the Thomas ride:

Betsy and Meg gave Freddie a dinosaur battle Wii game. He loves it though gets frustrated when he comes up against a tricky opponent. Then he deletes the dinosaurs and starts again!

The cake - this year a chocolate cake with no icing, just some melted chocolate on top.

We gave Freddie a lego fire station.

Balloons with LED lights in - how cool is that?

Happy birthday to our firstborn. Can't believe we've been parents for 6 years!

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