Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 5 in the chicken pox house...

It's been a rubbish couple of days. Tuesday we quarantined ourselves. Freddie did some plaster of paris dinosaur models.

We did some more experiements from the kit he got for his birthday. So lots more volcanos, plus bobbing raisins in fizzy water and food colour 'bombs'. I made Betsy a very cool kitchen with the play frames, her oven, washing machine and play food.

It was the summer solstice, and a clear evening so we got to see the sky darken slowly. I took this photo at 10.15pm.

Then yesterday Freddie felt rotten. He didn't move from the sofa at all, didn't eat, barely drank. He wasn't itching but the spots were very sore. Poor guy. He needed me close, to sit with him, rest his legs on my lap. So Betsy had to wait for almost everything she wanted all day, and Meg was just slotted in somehow.

Thank goodness he woke feeling much better. We're not at the end yet, but at least he's happier.

I'm glad that you can pick up supercheap films from Tescos - Home Alone, Night at the Museum 2 and the box set of Ice Age have made the last two days more bearable for all of us!

Meg's birthday tomorrow. It will be a bit of a damp squib.

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