Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Out with May, in with June

Carrie and Solomon came over for lunch and play. Freddie has known Soli all his life, and you can really tell that when you see them together. We had a lovely day.

It was a shame about the weather though. We had hoped to go for a picnic but it was chilly and damp.

We didn't do too much the next day. Doctors appointment, garden centre to get a voucher for Chris's birthday, farting around in the garden.

Betsy and Meg watched a bit of telly together. It was ridiculously sweet.

Freddie did some experiments with balloons and water. He made explosions, put different amounts of water in the balloon, threw some balloons to see what happened.

Some of the water was used on the garden.

That was yesterday, the last day of May.

Today, the 1st June. Warm, sunny, glorious. We went to the park with a load of friends, then on to McDonalds. More playing in the afternoon with Jarvis. A lovely day, completed with this evening sky....

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