Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chilly and wet again

After a couple of sunny warm days, the weather turned again. The kids snuggled in wraps on the sofa while we watched the rain (and the telly).

Freddie discovered online games, especially racing. He really liked playing, but got increasingly frustrated when he lost. He struggles with the idea that some things take practice - he just wants to know how to do something straight away.

Besty painted a mug for a fathers day present for Rob.

On Friday we went to Jeni's house, from our home ed co-op. She offered to host a fathers day craft session.

Jeni has the most wonderful garden, with great fir trees with secret hideaways under their branches. Freddie went out to play with some of the other kids when we arrived, and I didn't see him till we left a couple of hours later. He was pink-cheeked and muddy.

Betsy played inside, and made a card for Rob.

On Saturday, Rob and I saw this rainbow on our way out to dinner (the first time since Rob's birthday in January!). Mum was babysitting, and took the kids out to see the rainbow. It was huge and bright.

Today was dry, but cool. We met up with Kate, Tom and Mo at a morris dancing festival! We arrived in time for the parade. There were lots of morris dance troupes. Some were what I expected - wearing white, with hats, hankerchiefs, bells.

Some were scary-looking.

As part of the dance, this woman ran towards us yelling and brandishing a stick. This was too much for poor Betsy - who had been overwhelmed by the whole event anyway - and she wailed. Rob ended up sitting in the car with her.

Freddie, Meg and I hung out with Kate and Tom, had a good catch up and hatched a plan to go camping together later in the summer.

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