Monday, 20 June 2011

Getting ready for cabin fever

We have chicken pox. We've sort of been expecting it since Freddie and Jarvis had a wrestling session 2 weeks ago, and Jarvis came out with spots the day after. So our plans for this week - home ed cafe, summer solstice get together, home ed co-op, Meg's birthday trip out - are cancelled. And our holiday next week is very unlikely. Thanks goodness we took out the insurance.

Freddie has quite a few spots already, Betsy has one or two. Meg is not herself so I suspect is coming down with it too.

We popped into town to get chicken pox provisions, and came home with Aloe Vera gel, cammomile tea bags (for the bath), liquid antihistamine, Calpol, rhus tox homeopathic remedy, magazines (Scooby Doo, kids TV mag and Mollie Makes for me!) and chocolate.

On the way home we finally saw the swan and her cygnet. This is a sad story. Her mate was killed a couple of months ago, hit by a truck as he flew over the bridge. Unfortunately she was incubating her eggs, and had to keep leaving the nest to eat. I didn't think any of the eggs would hatch, but one did.

Apart from the chicken pox we've had a lovely day. Freddie (unusally for him) suggested a game of musical statues. After a couple of rounds with me on the remote control, he took over and Betsy and I danced. Fun!

We made some bubble mix using the directions from this blog at It seems a little thin to me - maybe something is lost when replacing corn syrup with glycerine - so might tweak the recipe a bit. Freddie liked it, Betsy hasn't mastered the blowing techneique yet.

Betsy had a 'busy' day, and came up with all sorts of ideas to occupy herself. The one she spent the most time on was cleaning the windows and patio with a waterbomb ball.

I'm really not looking forward to the next few days - I think Freddie is going to be feeling rough, and then Betsy will as he feels a little better.

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