Sunday, 5 June 2011

A day at the nature reserve

We had a lovely day at College Lake with our friends. We went to a puppet making workshop, and Freddie stayed for approximately 90 seconds before going outside again! While Nicola made a very sweet fox finger puppet, Freddie and Betsy chased butterflies, watched hens and looked at interesting old farm equipment.

A 19th century winnower:

A corn hopper:

An ex-battery hen:

Chasing butterflies:

After a picnic we went for a walk. We found a charcoal kiln, a house of sticks with a kettle and other bits and bobs in it, and another wooden house (hide...?) with a circular hole cut out of the wall and a roof you can stand on if you are small.

We rounded off the day at Nicola's for a cuppa and a play. Lovely.

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