Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Work in progress Wednesday - something old, something new

I finished Ishbel last week yay! I posted the pics here

So this week I've been working on the Trillian shawl. I had a day out by myself at the weekend, including a couple of hours on the train, and got loads of knitting done. I was at an unschooling conference (really interesting, will post about it soon) so knitted and listened all day. Another delegate came over to chat, and told me it was Knit In Public Day. How cool is that?!

Slightly dishearteningly, despite the extra knitting time Trillian has grown very slowly. This really will take a long time. The yarn is Filigran Lace No 1.

Time to start something new. It's another long long project - a Lizard Ridge blanket. I only have 2 balls of Noro Kureyon so far, and will probably only get a couple of balls a month to spread the cost. I've started with colourway 254, which I'm really liking.

I have to say though, using this yarn is real shock after the merino/silk for Ishbel. It's so rough! I've been spoilt by the soft soft soft babylonglegs yarn.

Apologies for the blurry pic - I left it too late to get a photo in decent light, and the flash distorts the colour too much. I need a tripod!

Both WIPs will be slotted in around some sewing projects I have coming up - a cloth book for Meg's birthday, and a Quilt-a-long at Don't Call Me Betsy (I'm making it for my mum who's retiring next month).

I'm going over to check out the other WWIP at Tami's Amis


  1. Noro is a bear to work with sometimes! I actually stopped using it because of the texture...but it's soooooo pretty!

  2. I like how both projects are turning out, but I really love the look of the lizard ridge blanket!

  3. Noro is horrible on the fingers but it looks so good knitted up x

  4. The colours on that blanket are amazing. And the Trillian continues to be just beautiful, I love that rainbow colourway.

  5. Both absolutely gorgeous!

  6. They are both so pretty, the Trillian colors are gorgeous!

  7. You day sounds awesome and how perfect for knit in public day! The Trillian looks lovely as always and I LOVE the blanket so far!