Tuesday, 30 April 2013

At the playground

We've had such a lovely day.  

Freddie began by experimenting with his Hot Wheels colour change car, dug up from goodness knows where.  He got a bowl of hot water and cold water and moved from one to the other, sloshing water over the kitchen floor.  He very sweetly mopped it up once he'd finished.  This was all before breakfast!

I had laundry to do and the supermarket delivery to put away, so Betsy kept herself and Meg busy with a pyjama party.

Our friends came over just before lunchtime, bringing their gorgeous dog.  We ate, chatted and played, before heading out.  We walked along the tow path to the playground.  The bigger kids raced along with Noodle the labradoodle, while the two year olds ambled along at a much slower pace.  
The kids love the spinning bowl roundabout thing at the playground.  I tell them they're in a washing machine, and add the water, the washing powder, the stinky socks etc.  Much hilarity ensues! 
There is an excellent seesaw, with zipwire-style seats.  It goes up really high.
All three loved the zipwire.  Betsy is confident enough to zip down without me holding on, and she did it over and over again.
Meg was pretty tired after the walk and the playground, and she had a rare carry in the wrap on the way home (happy me).
Betsy found a little pink gift bag in the grass, and filled it with flowery treasures on the walk back.  
When we got home Freddie and I put a solar powered toy together.  I'd ordered a few last week as they were silly prices from sportsdirect.com.  We got a rollercoaster, a boat, a car (all £2) and a house (£4).  We did the rollercoaster for about 20 seconds, before the sun went behind a big cloud!

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