Thursday, 4 April 2013

7 years

We met up with a couple of home educating families in IKEA this morning.  I skipped breakfast at home and took advantage of the IKEA cafe's £1.50 breakfast.  A total bargain!

Betsy and Meg played in the small play area in the cafe.  There wasn't much to interest Freddie, and he was feeling shy around the boys that were playing Pokemon cards and Uno. In the end we sat on the adjacent table and watched a game of Uno.  He wants me to buy Uno Power Grab, and would be happy to take it along next time.

We popped down to the creche, but there was a big queue (with it being the school holidays).  The next time we have a meet up the schools will be back, so we'll be able to see if the kids like the creche.

We walked around the market place, I bought some fabric, Meg liked sitting on the chairs and beds that were dotted around.

Outside it was freezing again.  Slightly snowing, cold cold wind.  Brrrrr.  The kids had two minutes in the little playground before we headed home for lunch.

In the car we had one of those wonderful meandering conversations.  Freddie told me there are 240 bones in the human body.  We talked about all the little bones in the hands and feet, the knee cap, the elbow.  We came up with ideas of what giant might be doing if it's raining (crying), there'[s a rainbow (painting), it's windy (blowing out birthday candles), it's foggy (their breath on a cold day).  Betsy is very interested in French at the moment (thanks to an episode of Peppa Pig) so she was asking how to say 'how are you?'. She was also working out what letter different words start with.  All in 25 minutes in the car!

After lunch Freddie went swimming with Jarvis, and my mum and brother popped in for a cup of tea.  Betsy and Meg played a long game with the teepees and cuddly toys.

It's our 7th wedding anniversary today.  I'm making one of Rob's favourite meals,and we'll celebrate by putting together a laptop table I bought at IKEA this morning!

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