Friday, 19 April 2013

Cars and carousels

We went to the kids favourite soft play centre today.  We don't go very often as it's very expensive - £25 for the 3 of them plus lunch, it easily comes to £40.  But they love it there so much!

Meg adores the carousel.  I lost count but I think she went on around 20 times, on all of the different vehicles and animals.

Freddie and Betsy spent a lot of time on the bumper car track.  Thank goodness, Betsy is big enough to go on by herself now.  It meant I could drive Meg, and Betsy and Freddie could drive themselves.  Meg wanted to steer, so we crashed frequently!
There is the usual playframe, though it's bigger than most.  They played on it for ages, climbing and sliding and jumping.
Upstairs there is a play street.  Meg made me dinner in the cafe and Freddie built a tower with giant lego bricks (unfortunately knocked down by another child).
We were there for nearly 5 hours.  I was exhausted by the end of it!  So was Meg....
My day began and ended with a Nerf gun fight.  It's so much fun.  Freddie really is delighted.  Rob is going to make him a gun store.  I'm sure at some point in the past I didn't agree with toy guns.  

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  1. At first I said "no guns" but with four boys I was fighting a losing battle. ( No pun intended!) They would use a bit of wood or something as a gun. So now I just go along with it. Hopefully it's something they just grow out of ! Your day looks like it was action packed.