Monday, 1 April 2013

A chilled out Easter

We've taken it easy this weekend.  One of our neighbours arranged an Easter egg hunt along our row of houses.  There are four families with kids aged 7 to 2, and it was lovely watching them race around collecting eggs.  Another neighbour brought out tea things on a tray.  I lvoe where we live.

We tried to go to Ashridge for a National Trust/Cadbury Easter trail but the cars were queuing from the main road.  Not my idea of fun, so we drove home again.  

Apart from that, Freddie and Betsy have been playing with their friends a lot.  Freddie did some stick man animation after watching some on youtube.  Betsy made a picture with a packet of little Easter bits and bobs.

Today is the 1st April.  It's still freezing.  I will stop banging on about the weather at some point soon, but it has been the coldest March in more than 50 years.  Here is Meg, today, cold.
Here is a more jolly spring photo!

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