Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Outside again!

Ah, spring is here! It's still a bit chilly but it's definitely mild enough to be outside without a coat.  Today we spent a few hours at our friend's house, hanging out mostly in the garden.  

Freddie has been watching nerf gun wars on youtube.  Zoe happened to get their nerf guns out - result!  Freddie and  Dallas set up a shielded area and shot anyone that walked past.  Betsy and I played hide and seek in the woods behind their house.  Meg enjoyed digging in the mud.

We had lunch, some time playing Skylanders, some time watching Max and Ruby on the iPad, drank tea, ate chocolate eggs.  It was a lovely day.

The kids played on the trampoline with Erin and Jarvis before we left and after we got back.

Rob has just got back after a night away, watching Port Vale from the directors box and travelling home first class on the train.  He says first class suits him!  

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