Sunday, 7 April 2013


It's amazing how much better I feel after two days of sunny weather.  The kids have been in and out of the house with us or their friends all weekend.  
Outdoor pursuits have included sailing the remote controlled boat, playing on bikes and scooters, and (drum roll) out first visit to the allotment this year.  

The kids weren't terribly keen to go, but surprised me to by enjoying themselves for about an hour.  We have a few digger/dump truck type toys, and have set aside a patch for them to dig and water and make piles and stuff.  Rob took the slightly broken sand pit down there, no good for sand but good enough for mud and water to make mud pies.  While they played, Rob and I managed to dig over lots of the plot.  Rob lifted up the wormery and found lots of worms and baby worms (the white ones in the photo).

The return of the boat has been great.  Freddie, Betsy and Jarvis had a go yesterday, and today our neighbour brought his boat out too.  Out boat got jammed in the low branches of a waterside tree, and Rob rescued it with our laundry pole.  
Meg played with the neighbour's son - well, his car and his Fireman Sam toys!

Freddie had been complaining of being bored of the Wii games, so I went to the second hand place in town.  We've just won a Playstation 3 on eBay, so Rob gave me a budget of £50 to buy some games.  I got 3 Wii and 3 PS games for £49.50!  Freddie was delighted, especially with the Super Mario Bros game.  He's been watching it on youtube for a while.
Betsy has been in Moshi-land still.  She's made some videos of her dancing and singing to her favourite Moshi songs, and she found a Moshi Christmas song on android market or whatever it's called.  She bought it for 99p, and listened to it on repeat for well over an hour.
Rob has done lots of DIY jobs this weekend, including taking out broken dishwasher out of the kitchen to the dump.  He suggested we cover the space with a curtain, to hide all the cat food and hamster stuff we put there.  Good idea!

Whilst it has been warm,and we've had the door open and the washing on the line, it's chilly in the mornings. The kids have are still sitting under my quilts first thing, which makes me feel very happy.
There is more to say - Betsy's new make up set, Meg's spectacular terrible-two style upsets, a quilt top pieced and basted, a headache over petty cash for our old home ed group.  But that will do!

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