Thursday, 18 April 2013

Some cool resources

We've had a great day.  Up and out by 9, to an excellent home ed session at Camp Mohawk. Two of my friends have organised it and it's such a fabulous resource.  

Today there was the opportunity to handle some reptiles and insects.  Freddie held an unusual stick insect, a crested gecko and a young python.  I held a tarantula!  
All the kids found new friends.  Freddie spent a couple of hours with a similar aged boy playing army.  Betsy sparked a friendship with another little girl.  Meg found an 11 year old to look after her!  It was so lovely to see all of them happy.  They played in the soft play room, the sensory room, the little playground, the field.
The weather was satisfyingly dramatic, with a sudden heavy hailstorm that scared Meg and delighted Freddie, who said it was awesome.  There were a few rumbles of thunder too.  

After the Camp Mohawk session ended, several families went to the pub.  The kids continued chatting and playing, and ate crisps.  I had a sneaky bitter shandy.

We got home to a 'sorry we missed you' card.  After a brief cup of tea we headed out again, to collect the parcel.  It was nerf guns!  I love ebay for stuff like this.
Freddie and I have had a few nerf gun wars, he is very happy.  Another cool resource landed while we were out:
And the huge cardboard box we've had for a week has been both a rocket and a gun storage  centre today.

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